Room 5 & 6: Pre-K Classes 

Our Pre-kindergarten classes offer the essentials needed to prepare your child to excel in Kindergarten. Our teachers are dedicated to building the core foundation for your child's future education. We will help your child acquire fundamental writing, reading, and math skills. This will happen as your child learns to write and recognize alphabet letters and sounds as well as numbers. These first years are called the "open windows for learning potential," so we will be sure to take advantage of this precious learning time. Beyond studying language and math fundamentals, your child will participate in exciting experiences of science, nature, and community awareness. Social and emotional relationships will also be fostered as your child gains the opportunity to work with, listen to, and respond to teachers and fellow classmates. 

"In room 5, we love to do science and sensory experiments with the class. We also collect recyclables so we can create new and wacky inventions!"

 "In room 6, we love to dance to start the class off with our favorite song...Bop Til You Drop! Inside and outside, we love to explore various facets of science - like bugs or the moon!"  

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