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Infant Class

Ages 3months-2years

Our infant room is the very first stepping stone to our BYP children's social, emotional, and educational journey! We feel our infant room is an extension to the child's home. Our infant teachers are loving and attentive caregivers, who help make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible. Our caregivers focus on making each child feel heard and loved as they respond to all verbal and non-verbal cues. Our commitment is to create a nurturing environment in which each child can grow, develop, and thrive. We strive to enhance our BYP infant's and toddler's social and language development as we continuously speak to them and interact with them throughout the day - whether that be through conversations, music, dance, play or cuddles! In this class we introduce children to alphabets, primary numbers, manipulatives, crafts, and much more. We ensure that our children feel secure and cared for, which allows them to confidently learn and grow.

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